About Us

Our Mission

Elizabeth Blackwell MS210Q holds the unwavering belief that all children have the inalienable right to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to develop into cognitive, self-directed, socially responsible, well-rounded young adults.

Using data and SEL, we will reimagine the student experience, which will be rooted in reading, writing, as well as mathematics thinking using real world applications and scenarios. We will offer a robust academic, as well as Arts Programs; we will achieve our vision of holistically preparing our students to meet the challenges of college and/or the workforce.

We will also collaborate with stakeholders and community to foster a sense of lifelong learning, thus enabling our students to achieve the highest levels of equitable, success possible.

Instructional Focus

Designing Coherent Instruction (Danielson Competency 1E)

Planning requires educators to have a clear understanding of the state, district, and school expectations for student learning and the skills to translate these into a coherent plan. Teachers understand the characteristics of the students they teach and active student learning and how best to sequence instruction to advance student learning through the required content. Thoughtful construction of lessons with cognitively engaging learning activities which demonstrate intentional grouping of students are aided by data. Well-designed instruction plans address the learning needs of various groups of students; one size does not fit all.

Special Programs

The ARP Program for Gifted, BRAVO Program for Talented, (art, vocal, dance, drama), bilingual/ENL classes, Regents classes (Accelerated English/Living Environment/US History/Algebra I).

Extracurricular Activities

Yearbook Club. Chess Club Program. Liberty Partnership Program. Middle School Sports Program. Reading/Math Enrichment. Additional Extracurricular Activities for all students, including ENL and Special Education.

Our Community

American Chess Foundation, Arts America, Creative Arts Team, NYS Mentoring, Scholarships/Donations, St. John's University, NYC School Volunteers, City Center, College Partnerships, Beacon School, City Harvest, Penny Harvest, Holocaust Center (Nassau County).

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