About Us

Instructional Focus

MS 210Q's Instructional Focus is to improve Questioning and Discussion (Danielson Competency-3b) within all disciplines in order to meet our students' diverse needs in an equitable, as well as culturally responsive manner and further support students in demonstrating independence, building reading and writing content knowledge, while reimaging the student experience using real world mathematical applications and scenarios.

Special Programs

The ARP Program for Gifted, BRAVO Program for Talented, (art, vocal, dance, drama), bilingual/ESL classes, Regents classes (Accelerated English/Living Environment/ Global Studies/Algebra I).

Extracurricular Activities

Yearbook Club. Chess Club Program. Liberty Partnership Program. Middle School Sports Program. Reading/Math Enrichment. Additional Extracurricular Activities for all students, including ESL and Special Education.

Our Community

American Chess Foundation, Arts America, Creative Arts Team, NYS Mentoring, Scholarships/Donations, St. John's University, NYC School Volunteers, City Center, College Partnerships, Beacon School, City Harvest, Penny Harvest, Holocaust Center (Nassau County).

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